Why Choose A Seychelles Offshore Company

Seychelles is a very popular jurisdiction to establish an offshore company. Once the company is incorporated, a bank account can be set-up in many of the leading financial centers around the world.

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Seychelles manages one of the fastest International Business Companies (IBC) registers in the world and is governed and protected by the enactment of the Seychelles International Business Authority Act of 1994. This ensures that businesses must be legitimate, and are considered valid around the world.

Advantages of a Seychelles company:

  • One of the fastest company registries worldwide – generally up to 1 business day.
  • Minimal set-up costs and annual maintenance fees.
  • No need to deposit a paid-up capital.
  • Not subject to any form of tax or duty on profits or income.
  • Exempt from audited statements, annual filing, reporting, and accounting.
  • Information about shareholders, beneficial owners, and directors is not accessible to the public.
  • Confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity are guaranteed by law.
  • Bearer shares are allowed.


As a member of the Commonwealth, independent from England since 1976, Seychelles is relatively a newcomer to the offshore company and banking industry. Therefore, there is more competitive pricing and a larger availability of company names to choose from. All legislations on financial services, like offshore companies and banking, are based on the English Common Law, as the other offshore neighboring jurisdictions follow. With its small population of over 80,000 and strong economy–originally based on fishing and tourism and now based on the offshore financial industry–Seychelles encourages new companies to incorporate a Seychelles company through its low tax holding companies, beneficial tax rules, Free Trade Zone, and now their network of modern telecommunications.

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