Why Choose Hong Kong Offshore Company

Hong Kong, based on its central location to most Asia-Pacific markets, is a very popular jurisdiction to establish an offshore company. While incorporation of a Hong Kong offshore takes seven to ten working days, companies opt to have their offshore company based in Hong Kong due to its ideal location. Hong Kong has the fifth most active international airports that go to over 150 destinations. With the incredible production that occurs in most Asia-Pacific regions, an offshore company based in Hong Kong is close enough to production, thereby consolidating large travel time if you choose to visit. This is an especially good location for those businesses that manufacture in China and market and sell in Europe.

Advantages of a Hong Kong company:

  • The best and closest gateway to mainland China.
  • One of the most respected financial centers in the world.
  • Incorporated within 7-10 business days.
  • Hong Kong-based companies are regarded as reputable.
  • No tax on dividend income and capital gains.
  • All business done outside of Hong Kong is tax-free.
  • Business carried on inside of Hong Kong is taxed 16.5% (one of the lowest in Asia).
  • Minimum paid-up capital is not required.

In 2010, Hong Kong was ranked number one of the world’s freest economy in The Heritage Foundation, and was ranked number three in the World Bank Report: “Doing Business 2010” as the world’s easiest place to do business. In most business indexes and other ranking reports in the last five years, Hong Kong has been rated in one of the top ten slots as having the best business environment, best nation for foreign trade and investment, the most competitive economy in the world, and the best judicial system in Asia, to name a few.

Financial Guardian has over ten years of experience, with thousands of clients in over sixty countries. We can establish an offshore company and open a bank account for you, setting up and registering everything. All matters can be dealt with online or over the phone. For more information, contact our experienced team.