Why Choose Anguilla Offshore Company

Anguilla is one of the most popular offshore company jurisdictions in England’s Caribbean overseas territories.

With its small population and dependably balmy climate, Anguilla mainly makes its money through tourism, fishing, and offshore companies and banking incorporations. International Business Companies (IBCs) in Anguilla are overseen by ACORN, the Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network. In fact, ACORN is so reliable that Anguilla is one of the fastest jurisdictions in which to setup an offshore business.

Advantages of an Anguilla based company:

  • Incredibly rapid; up to 24 hours to incorporate
  •  Competitive setup fees and low annual maintenance costs
  • A deposit of a paid-up capital is not required
  • Profits/income are tax and duty free
  • Option to choose between 3 types of business structures
  • No need for annual filing, accounting, reporting, or auditing
  • Names and information of shareholders, beneficial owners, and directors are not part of public records
  • All details remains anonymous, confidential, and private

Anguilla is one of the smallest jurisdictions in which one can establish an offshore company. Anguilla has fewer than 14,000 inhabitants and is only ninety-one kilometers squared. The small, quaint nature of Anguilla draws companies to establish their businesses in its territory. It is a self-governing British overseas territory. This means that it both has the protection and benefits of a British territory (e.g. its legal system is based on English law), yet it has its own tax and governing laws.

There are currently three types of business structures in Anguilla:

  1. An ordinary corporation or company
  2. An IBC
  3. A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Many companies like the flexibility that Anguilla offers with regards to business types. The communication abilities and infrastructure, like direct dialing internationally via cellular connections, internet (Wi-Fi and modem), fax, and email service lines, are also surprisingly well-developed considering Anguilla’s small size. Because of the importance of offshore companies to Anguilla’s small but stable economy, only the best service, including discretion, is consistently delivered.

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