Why Choose A BVI Offshore Company

The British Virgin Islands is one of the oldest and most popular offshore business centers of the world, and is therefore considered to be the leading jurisdiction to establish an offshore company or open an offshore bank account.

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The British Virgin Islands International Business Companies Ordinance was adopted in 1984. In 2005, the BVI Business Companies Act was enacted with the intent to consolidate all BVI company laws into a singular statute. These laws helped to cement the British Virgin Islands as a mecca for offshore financial arrangements.

Advantages of a BVI based company:

  • Usually incorporated in up to 2 business days.
  • Low set-up and annual maintenance costs.
  • US dollar is the official currency in the British Virgin Islands.
  • No minimum paid-up capital required.
  • Tax and duty free on all profits or income.
  • No filing, accounting, auditing, or reporting requirement.
  • Shareholders’, beneficial owners’, and directors’ information are not accessible to the public.
  • The British Virgin Islands prides itself on providing the utmost protection of privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity.

The British Virgin Islands was originally called the “Virgin Islands”, sans “British”, until the United States changed the name of their neighboring territory, the “Danish West Indies”, to the “Virgin Islands of the United States” in 1917. After that, people began to call the Virgin Islands the “British” Virgin Islands in order to differentiate between the American and British territories. The BVI is a member of the Commonwealth, still a territory of England, and therefore has English as its official language.

Since BVI residents are considered overseas British territories citizens and have full British citizenship. They are also considered to be citizens of the European Union, even though they are not subject to the laws of the EU. Just as BVI residents obtain all of the benefits of British and EU citizens, so, too, do International Business Companies (IBC) incorporated in the BVI. This only adds to the popularity of incorporating in the British Virgin Islands.

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