Where is the cheapest offshore company registration?

Financial Guardian offers a variety of options for cheap offshore company formation such as Belize and Seychelles. We provide top-notch service, confidentiality and the best prices in the market.

Cheapest offshore jurisdictions – we have analyzed dozens of offers from various offshore jurisdictions and have composed a list of the jurisdictions that offer the lowest fees.

We offer the best and cheapest prices! Just have a look at the price table below:

(If you find cheaper prices please notify us!)


Set Up Costs Speed Set Up Accounting Confidentiality
Seychelles Flag    Seychelles $ 499 1 Day No High Level
Belize Flag    Belize $ 549 1-2 Days No High Level
BVI Flag    BVI $ 890 2-3 Days No High Level
Hong Kong Flag    Hong  Kong $ 1900 7-10 Days Yes Available to the Public
Nevis Flag    Nevis $ 999 2-3 Days No High Level
Anguilla Flag    Anguilla $ 749 2-3 Days No High Level
Dominica Flag    Dominica $ 799 1 Day No High Level
Marshall Islands Flag    Marshall Islands $ 899 7 Days No High Level


Any person is legally entitled to form an offshore company offered in a range of countries around the world. With around 50 countries in the world offering tax benefits for foreigners, we recommend to research which offshore center would be the best option for you to open an account.

Offshore financial centers can vary considerably in terms of cost. There are some jurisdictions, such as Switzerland or Singapore where it is inevitable that one will be paying ample fees. On the other hand, one may find jurisdictions where tough competition has driven the prices down such as in Seychelles or Belize.

Generally, the cost of the fees for opening an offshore company will depend on the offshore service provider, the level of competition in the market, the reputation of the jurisdiction and the general cost of business operation in the country.

Our two lowest-cost offshore company formation options are as follows:

Seychelles CompanyThe Seychelles are an English speaking island. Their offshore legislation was enacted in 1994. Since then the Seychelles have come to be a tax haven. The Seychelles Company is the cheapest offshore company option and may be used for international trade, holding of investments as well as property. A minimum of one shareholder and one director is required. There is no public filing of the details of the directors or shareholders.

Belize Company – Belize is an English speaking country located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America. They have been in the offshore business since the beginning of the 90′. The financial services sector is supported by laws that were specifically passed in order to encourage investments in offshore international enterprises.