Where is the Best Jurisdiction to Incorporate an International Online-based Business?

Internet companies abound and are growing every day. These companies have special needs. The requisite needs of these companies can often be accommodated easily by offshore incorporation. Unlike other types of businesses, in order to really thrive, meeting these needs is crucial to success.

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Set Up Costs Speed Set Up Accounting Confidentiality
Seychelles Flag    Seychelles $ 499 1 Day No High Level
Belize Flag    Belize $ 549 1-2 Days No High Level
BVI Flag    BVI $ 890 2-3 Days No High Level
Hong Kong Flag    Hong  Kong $ 1900 7-10 Days Yes Available to the Public
Nevis Flag    Nevis $ 999 2-3 Days No High Level
Anguilla Flag    Anguilla $ 749 2-3 Days No High Level
Dominica Flag    Dominica $ 799 1 Day No High Level
Marshall Islands Flag    Marshall Islands $ 899 7 Days No High Level


What are these needs?

The first step, as with most companies, is to incorporate. This is essential to the long term health of your company. Benefits of any incorporation include protection of assets, tax benefits, and most obviously, how outside suppliers, from banks to other suppliers of essential funds and equipment, deal with you.

Now that you know that you need to incorporate, for the internet based company, offshore incorporation offers special benefits. Internet companies especially benefit from offshore incorporation.

A recent interview with an internet mogul revealed why he chose to go with offshore incorporation. He had low to no overhead (no office staff, no equipment, just him and his computer). He was looking for a place to file that would be quick, easy, hassle free in terms of ongoing paperwork (which he stressed had been weighing him down,) and he wanted to reap the benefits of low to no taxation.

But once you decide to incorporate offshore, which location is best for you? There are wealth of choices, but some are better than others. Each destination (called in this case a ‘jurisdiction’) has its own tricky ins and outs. What seems on the surface a great place to set up your offshore corporation may in reality be a very poor choice.  The first rule of thumb is to avoid these locations: Australia, Canada, UK, and lastly the USA. This also extends to any country that allows for frivolous lawsuits, or exceeds in creating situations with red tape. Goodness knows this covers quite a few countries.

So what are good choices? Well, Belize has been singled out as an especially good choice. The reasons are plentiful, but one fantastic aspect of Belize is their overall friendly attitude towards internet companies. Their requirements are few, their tax benefits are great, and when paired when a bank account in Belize it’s a great combination.

But the best one of all? Well, it’s one of the most popular offshore centers in the world…the British Virgin Islands (BVI). This well-established center for offshore incorporation offers everything that you need, privacy, speed of incorporation, low fees and some of the best taxation benefits around. Its reputable reputation, and eye on customer satisfaction keeps it high on the list.

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