What is the cheapest offshore company?

From as little as $500 USD, you can find many inexpensive offshore company options. Rather than focus on the cost, the focus should be on the best offshore jurisdiction, the best being Belize and the Seychelles. Our current rate for Seychelles company formation is the cheapest online at the moment, it is also better priced than our Belize company option.


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Set Up Costs Speed Set Up Accounting Confidentiality
Seychelles Flag    Seychelles $ 499 1 Day No High Level
Belize Flag    Belize $ 549 1-2 Days No High Level
BVI Flag    BVI $ 890 2-3 Days No High Level
Hong Kong Flag    Hong  Kong $ 1900 7-10 Days Yes Available to the Public
Nevis Flag    Nevis $ 999 2-3 Days No High Level
Anguilla Flag    Anguilla $ 749 2-3 Days No High Level
Dominica Flag    Dominica $ 799 1 Day No High Level
Marshall Islands Flag    Marshall Islands $ 899 7 Days No High Level



A Seychelles Company is used for a variety of purposes, such as international trade, investment activities and holding investments and property. With a minimum requirement of one shareholder, one director and no public filing of directors and shareholders, it is both confidential and very inexpensive.


The primary advantages of a cheap Seychelles company are:

  • Zero (or very minimal) taxation on capital gains and profits

  • High levels of privacy and confidentiality result from no public filing of personal details

  • High levels of protection are afforded as a result of strong secrecy provisions preventing information sharing.

  • High degree of corporate flexibility resulting from minimal requirements on directors and shareholders, quick incorporation, minimal declarations, etc.

  • Management simplification by allowing electronic shareholder’s meetings, enabling flexible decision making.

  • Low levels of reporting due to the taxation structure and lack of publicly filed information.

Belize offshore company is the second best option after Seychelles.

Belize is an excellent option for creating an offshore account, using their IBC (international business company) structure. A Belize IBC is a tax and exchange control free private limited company operating under Chapter 270 of the International Business Companies Act. This Act provides excellent flexibility for sophisticated investors and company needs. The computerised incorporation process is able to be completed in one hour in any currency denomination.  

Because of the options and flexibility, a Belize IBC is effective for a variety of needs, from property holding, estate planning and tax optimization.The Act provides extensive protection of confidentiality, without difficult reporting requirements.