Vanuatu Broker Forex License – One of the top offshore Forex License options

As a global leader in their field, Financial Guardian offers a unique service assisting in the acquisition of a Vanuatu Forex license (VFSC – Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).


Our regulation experts will assist you to obtain your Vanuatu Forex License

Vanuatu has become extremely popular among Forex brokers thanks to the small nation’s comfortable regulations, low cost of registration and speedy processing of license applications.

We have assisted many clients in applying and obtaining a Vanuatu Security Dealer License giving us the experience, connections and expertise which makes us a world leader in our field. We can offer brokers incredible benefits.

Our service includes basically all you need to start your Broker :

  • Establishing a Vanuatu Company
  • Security Dealer License Application
  • Bank accounts &Payments solutions
  • AML and Compliance
  • All Administrative, Procedures & Documentation





About Vanuatu Forex Broker Licenses

The VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) regulates and supervises the financial trade in Vanuatu and one of its roles is to issue licenses.

Before applying and obtaining a Forex License in Vanuatu companies must be incorporated as an International Vanuatu Company. Completing the incorporation process takes about three days and Financial Guardian can help you through every stage of the process.

When your company has been incorporated as an International Vanuatu Company, Financial Guardian will submit your application for a Security Dealer License. It can take about two months for the Security Dealer License application and acceptance process in Vanuatu. The license must be renewed each year by reapplying and paying the relevant fee.

Dealers in Securities require brokerages who established in Vanuatu to place a security bond of VT200, 000 (about US$2,000) with the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

In Vanuatu the user-friendly Prevention of Fraud Act means that companies and individuals can easily make an application for a Securities Dealer License.



Vanuatu Forex Licenses

Brokerages which hold a Vanuatu Forex License issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission can buy and sell investments including options, shares, bonds and more. The license allows brokerages to handle investment portfolios for traders.

Vanuatu is business-friendly which attracts not only Forex businesses but also fund management and investment institutions plus a wide range of professionals from the finance industry. Hedge funds and brokerage companies find having a Vanuatu Forex License extremely useful for clients who wish to invest in Securities not sanctioned in their own country or where the process in their own country is complex and costly. This kind of investment can be done easily through brokerage companies registered in Vanuatu and holding a Vanuatu Forex License allowing them to trade in securities. This allows investors to avoid the constraints in their own country and make legal investments. For example an EU brokerage with an EU license can simultaneously hold a Vanuatu licensed company which can act as a “market maker.”

Thanks to the minimal capital requirements for a Vanuatu Forex License, even compared to other low capital jurisdictions like Belize, Vanuatu is rapidly becoming a popular jurisdiction choice for Forex brokers seeking comfortable regulations.