Tips: Expanding your New Business Globally

How exciting to open a new business! While fraught with uncertainty, there are steps that you can take in order to ensure that your new venture has all of the right steps in place to make it an international growth success story.

The number of new businesses that fail is slightly alarming; currently it is something like 50% fail and close within the first year of existence. This cycle continues as the business comes to its third and fourth year in operation. Looking to keep from being one of those terrible statistics?

A recent interview with an internet company that is very successful revealed some very important and interesting facts. The owner of the company had no staff, no need for secretaries, and office furniture. He chose to incorporate in an offshore location because he had no physical office to provide overhead. It was much simpler for him to use a virtual office system (a service offered by the professionals at Financial Guardian ). These services provide phone answering and message gathering services. They also take care of mailing and collecting mail and packages for your businesses. There is no need to hire an expensive secretary anymore for the above services.

Looking to make the most of investing your profits? Then opening an offshore bank account may be the best solution for you. Offshore banking terms are known for far exceeding their onshore compatriots. You may find that your interest rates, terms and conditions, and customer services are much better than you ever imagined when you chose bank in an offshore institution.

Lastly, the best way to reach your customers may no longer be the print or other media ads you remember from your childhood. It is essential to utilize internet advertising as well as social media in today’s business climate. Creating your online and new media strategy can be an important part of ensuring your success as a new business.