Setting up an overseas Bank Account‏ for Foreigners

What You Need to Know about opening a foreign bank account.

Financial guardian is a pioneer in the offshore financial sector and has assisted countless clients with many aspects, including opening an overseas Bank Account. Our team of professionals, financial experts, constantly stay up-to-date with the latest trends in international banking, including foreign bank accounts, thereby offering our clients the most attractive financial solution there is.

Reasons for opening a foreign bank account

 There are many reasons for opening foreign bank account, since many companies nowadays are looking far and wide for the top rated offshore overseas bank account opportunities. Most overseas bank accounts offer:

  • An online bank account, allowing transactions to be done over the Internet in a highly secured environment
  • Banking fees that can be paid via credit/debit cards (specifically merchant bank accounts)
  • An offshore branch in a tax-free country


Explaining Company Formation with a Bank Account in Mind

If you would like a company formation with bank account, you may need to opt for what is known as merchant bank accounts. For this, opening a corporate bank account requires a very similar process, but in the end, the merchant bank accounts can accept payments via credit cards and debit cards. Therefore, a new foreign bank account of this nature would be important for company formations that deal in commerce where transactions are commonly made by means of credit.

Exploring Online Business Bank Account Opportunities Abroad

Many clients are interested in banking in the many tax free countries that have become increasingly popular. These countries offer worldwide clients a new overseas bank account with better interest rates, better protection and great online capabilities.