Opening an Offshore Bank Account: A Quick Checklist

You’ve decided that your new business venture will work well when paired with an offshore bank account. Perhaps you have also turned to offshore incorporation as a way to ensure that your business will grow accordingly.

But how do you decide which offshore banking center will work best for you? Where should you turn when looking to open an offshore bank account?

There are a few important services that you will want and should make sure that your chosen offshore banking institution offers. One such consideration is whether you will need a credit card or a debit card from that bank. This is an important way for you to access funds from that account wherever you are physically located. Another important aspect of today’s international banking scene is the ability to access information via the internet wherever and whenever you want. This internet access should be fast, and allow you to manage your account fully.

While the basic fees associated with opening and maintaining an offshore account are smaller than most people think, it is important to understand, and if necessary, negotiate to receive the lowest fees possible. You don’t want to be surprised when the next month comes along.

In today’s business world, a global economy is fueling the need for companies to operate in multiple currencies. Will your chosen offshore bank accommodate these needs? Are they able to operate in all of the currencies that you will receive?

One last thing to consider is how you will open the account. This means understanding the paperwork involved, and whether or not you can open the account fully via the internet or will you need to meet with a bank associate. For some companies located in global cities, opening the account is as easy as visiting a branch bank of their chosen offshore institution. For others, a representative of the bank will travel to meet you. And for others, you do not need to meet with a bank official in order to open the account, and you certainly do not need to visit the bank’s location to open an account.

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