1. How to order a company?

  1. Completed company application form signed by the beneficial owners of the company.
  2. Notarized copy of passport for all beneficial owners, share holders and directors.
  3. Recent proof of residence of less than 2 months old such as a bank statement or utility bill for all beneficial owners, share holders and directors.

2. What is a BVI company?

When speaking of companies BVI, most of the time it is referring to BVI offshore companies. A British Virgin Islands offshore company is one of the most popular tax-free jurisdiction chosen when a company is looking to set up their business abroad. BVI formation offers many benefits that other jurisdictions do not have, like maximum security of your assets, financial privacy, and a more cost effective fee than other tax havens.

3. What is an offshore company?

An offshore company is a company that is established beyond the jurisdiction of its primary set-up. Companies often choose to have operations abroad in tax-free havens, like the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Panama, Seychelles offshore, Singapore, etc. Offshore companies can buy/sell goods and services, operate businesses, and maintain bank accounts.

4. What is a shelf company?

Also known as “on the shelf”, “off the shelf”, or “ready-made”, it is a company already registered but not active. It can therefore be sold to an interested company that wants to register a company instantly, without waiting for the minimum registration processing time, or one that needs to show corporate longevity of the company’s inception. Read more information.

5. What is an Offshore Account?

An Offshore Account is a bank account opened abroad, mainly offshore business bank accounts established by offshore companies. But an offshore account can also be a personal bank account, not only for businesses.

6. I have a company – where can I open a bank account for my company?

One can open an account in a variety of banks around the world. We will choose the location of the bank account based on the following details: the expected business activity of the company and the location of the customers and suppliers of the company. We will try open an account that is close to where the main business activity is happening. This will save in bank withdrawals and it will be more convenient for your customers and suppliers to send/receive money.