Confidentiality and Secrecy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, similar to other jurisdictions that are popular for incorporating offshore companies and bank accounts, maintains a level of confidentiality which is quite attractive to many businesses.

In accordance with local law, the names of shareholders and directors are required to be in public records. Some companies would prefer to be kept private although the identity of the beneficial owner can be kept out of public records. It is important to note that a company can legally appoint a nominee shareholder and a nominee director. Consequently, the withheld names are therefore inaccessible to public record.

Ways an offshore Hong Kong company can remain confidential:

  • Nominee shareholders and directors can be appointed and visible in public records; the identities of the true associates of the company can be kept confidential.
  • The identity of the beneficial owner is not required for public records.
  • An actual office is not required to be opened in Hong Kong; a virtual office is acceptable, but must be opened with a local service provider similar to Financial Guardian..

Nomenclature of your Hong Kong registered company must follow some rules; the name should be unique and not resemble previously existing companies in the Hong Kong business registry. Certain words are deemed unacceptable in the naming process such as “trust” or “bank”. The word “limited” is mandatory when registering a new company in Hong Kong. And lastly, the company name is permitted to be in English or an English name written in Chinese characters.

With over ten years of experience, Financial Guardian can provide you with an exceptional array of services including the appointment of a nominee, if required. After your company is registered in the Hong Kong Companies Registry, we can skillfully prepare all documentation. This includes the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Share Certificates, Register of Shareholders and Directors, Minute Book, Company Chop, and Company Seal. Our team of experienced professionals can expertly prepare and complete all the necessary documentation when opening an offshore company in Hong Kong.