2 cheapest jurisdictions to open an offshore bank account


Once strictly the privilege of the super wealthy, offshore bank accounts have now become a common practice for anyone wishing to effectively lower their tax burden. Over 50 countries across the world offer foreigners the opportunity to legally open offshore …

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What is a tax haven?

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We offer the cheaest prices for offshore companies Continue reading → …

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What is the cheapest offshore company?


From as little as $500 USD, you can find many inexpensive offshore company options. Rather than focus on the cost, the focus should be on the best offshore jurisdiction, the best being Belize and the Seychelles. Our current rate for …

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Important documents of Offshore Companies

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What does it mean when a document is Apostilled? An apostille certification is a universal certification of a document that will be accepted by certain other countries. The apostille certification is essentially a certification on the notary who has already …

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FAQ – Offshore Company

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Do you provide all the documentation for a new company? Certainly! When we incorporate a new offshore company, we will give our client a full set of documents, including all the company documents. In addition, we can organize additional documents …

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