Taxation in Anguilla


Offshore jurisdictions are popular because they are tax-free or have neutral tax laws. As a neutral tax jurisdiction, Anguilla is a country that is well-known for establishing offshore companies. Anguilla is advantageous as an offshore company location. Anguilla is a …

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Taxation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Taxation in Hong Kong is based solely on earnings that are incurred within the country itself. Like other offshore company destinations, Hong Kong requires no taxation on earnings from outside of the country. While Hong Kong may not be a …

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Taxation in the British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands currently the most popular offshore financial center. It currently retains some 42% of all offshore incorporated companies. The tax requirements for the companies in the British Virgin Islands are similar to most offshore jurisdictions in the …

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Taxation in Belize


Registered International Business Companies (IBC) in Belize are exempt from taxes on income earned outside of Belize. This includes dividends, royalties, capital gains, and interest. In comparison, Belize based companies that conduct business with the local people and establishments are …

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Taxation in Seychelles


Seychelles, other than being a tropical heaven, is also a tax haven, competing with some of the most well-known tax free jurisdictions in the Caribbean. This may account for the increasingly large number of companies that flock to Seychelles to …

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