Planning A New Economic Horizon for China


China’s Communist party leaders began a four-day meeting on Saturday Nov. 9 that is expected to pave the way for the world’s second largest economy. The gathering is called the 3rd plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the …

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Does Your Business Receive Money from Overseas? Offshore Banking is your Best Solution


In today’s global economy, business models vary wildly. Some companies require a different kind of banking set up in order to guarantee that their ventures will thrive in today’s economy. For many of these companies, the offshore bank account provides …

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The Basics of Offshore Banking Explained


You have heard people talking about the benefits of an offshore account, but what is it? How does it work? Is it even legal? (hint: yes it most certainly is legal!) An offshore bank account is any account set up …

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The Benefits of Using a Professional Service to Incorporate


Thinking of incorporating your new business company offshore? There are so many decisions to make in the beginning. One of the most important decisions, aside from what jurisdiction to use for the incorporation, is choosing how you will incorporate. It …

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Should I Open That Offshore Bank Account?


Your new business has just been incorporated and now it’s time to think about finances. What bank will you use as your primary financial institution? For many new business owners today the answer is easy. chosen to rely on offshore …

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