Do you have an Online Affiliation Business? Why an Offshore Bank Account


Your brand new online affiliate marketing company is off and running, but are you equipped to handle the challenges associated with getting funds from your customers? Are they in various locations and using a variety of currencies? For internet based …

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The Virtual Office: A New Way to Do Business

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The office of yore harkens back to memories of endless cubicles, an office full of ringing phones and secretaries, and high overhead office equipment rentals. This kind of office set up used to be essential for any business to continue …

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How to Get the Most of Your Newly Opened Offshore Bank Account.


Congratulations! You are your new business venture have just opened an offshore bank account. Welcome to an amazing new way for you and your business to remain competitive and profitable. Your new bank account must now be activated. Often there …

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What is an offshore bank account?

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An offshore account can be an invaluable tool for those who need its flexibility and monetary benefits. Find out more about these accounts and who can use them to their advantage. An offshore account is an account opened by a …

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Internet Companies and the Offshore Bank Account: A Perfect Match


Offshore bank accounts are an attractive option for any new business venture. With their competitive tax rates (often low tax or even no tax) and their relatively low maintenance fees, offshore bank accounts are becoming an attractive alternative for any …

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