Tips: Expanding your New Business Globally


How exciting to open a new business! While fraught with uncertainty, there are steps that you can take in order to ensure that your new venture has all of the right steps in place to make it an international growth …

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Are you an Internet Entrepreneur? Why an Offshore Bank is For You

Shelf Company Services

Offshore banking can be an excellent way for certain businesses to ensure that they will thrive and succeed. One such company that will most certainly reap the benefit of the offshore bank account is the internet based company. Certain conditions …

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Banking Solutions for Your New Business


Your new business deserves the best chance to make it past the tenuous first years of existence. Most new businesses fail within the first 3 years of opening. In order to give your new business venture the best chance of …

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Opening a Business Bank Account – What are your Options?

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Similar to onshore banks, the offshore bank offers two kinds of accounts. One is a personal bank account that is in your name. The other option is to open a business account. Depending on the location of this account and …

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Why Offshore Banking is A Good Option for You


Many myths surround the opening of an offshore account. These myths are, well…just that…myths. The truth is that many businesses around the world are benefiting daily from their offshore accounts in ways you may not have imagined. One common myth …

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