Opening an Offshore Bank Account: A Quick Checklist


You’ve decided that your new business venture will work well when paired with an offshore bank account. Perhaps you have also turned to offshore incorporation as a way to ensure that your business will grow accordingly. But how do you …

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Avoid These Classic Errors: Don’t Let Your New Business Venture Fail!


While it pains new business owners to admit it, a shockingly large number of new businesses fail either in their first year, or, as time goes by, in the first few years they exist. This is a sad, but true, …

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How to Open an Offshore Bank Account: Step by Step


Opening an offshore bank account was, at one time, a very time consuming and laborious process. Until the advent of the internet and modern communications, one had to physically visit the country with a suitcase full of cash and open …

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Turn Your Local Small Business into a Thriving International Business


When you think about the possibilities for your business, do you immediately dream of a huge booming international corporation? For many small business owners the most likely answer is, “well, no…not yet”. For these smaller business owners this can only …

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Doing Business with China? Choosing the Right Offshore Location for You


The location of your international business company (IBC) can be of the utmost importance. Amazingly, there is a huge selection of countries waiting for you to incorporate within their borders. These various jurisdictions (locations) each offer something different: tax structures, …

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