Virtual Offices

Virtual office services and virtual telephone office services have proliferated with the advent of the internet and other technologies.

Financial Guardian offers Virtual Offices solution in various countries including Cyprus, Seychelles, Hong Kong and more.


These services are particularly helpful for offshore corporations who wish to provide outstanding and efficient telephony services to the customers and suppliers who need to be in touch with them.
Companies that are created in offshore destinations have a special set of requirements. Virtual telephony office services are particularly useful for the following administrative tasks: answering calls, making reservations, and setting up appointments. We are currently working in a global environment and your customers need access to you at any time of day without being dependent on your local time zone. Virtual office telephone answering services provide this important service to both you and your growing company.

Virtual office telephone answering services can include receptionists to schedule appointments and coordinate meeting details. Virtual office telephone answering services can provide a live person that can handle phone answering and route messages and voice mail to your cell phone or inbox. These services can also forward you emails as well as sort, organize, and consolidate your e-mail messages as necessary.

Virtual offices also encompass mail and package reception services. This can include the forwarding of mail and packages from one address to another of your choosing, expeditiously and easily.
These virtual office services are reasonably priced and are based on the amount of time that you require them, starting with a minimum of three months.