Nominee services

When incorporating a company, several roles in a company must be declared, such as: director’s name and passport, shareholder’s name and passport and other personal documents.  However, individuals who want to maintain a certain level of confidentiality, for various reasons, can use nominee services.  Utilization of nominees ensures anonymity and adds an extra layer of confidentiality for companies who desire it.

Financial Guardian provides nominee director and nominee shareholder services. These services exist to keep certain company information off public record. Anyone performing a company search will see the nominees name on the company records in place of the actual executives.

There are several other reasons to use nominee services. These include preventing conflicts of interest as well as the ease of working with a variety of global companies without insinuating political motives.

It is important to remember that the nominees will not have any power over the company to which they are “appointed”. All decision making remains intact and fully with the beneficial (actual) business owners. At any point in the process, when and if it becomes necessary, the nominee appointees can be ‘fired” and transfer of all shares and listings which will then go directly to the beneficial owners and stakeholders in the company.


We have an annual fee for our nominee services. As always, Financial Guardian conducts all nominee services with the utmost in professionalism and discretion.