Credit Card Processing Services

We at Financial Guardian, offer our clients assistance with finding the ideal solution for online credit card processing services. The service is geared towards international businesses which have or would like to have online payment options via their website. We work with a variety of high quality service providers who deal exclusively with credit card processing services. As part of the services they provide, every transaction is recorded and statements are sent to the client regularly. The client also has access to his data system where he can see all the details of every transaction that was made on his site. The process entails transferring the money from the credit card holder’s account and depositing the funds into your bank account. We work at a highly secure, professional and trustworthy level.

Online purchasing has become an everyday phenomenon and many businesses depend on this online traffic for the success of their business. This service offers companies the option of widening its clientele in that it opens up their business to countries around the world, there is no more geographical limitation. A company does not have to have a physical address in a certain place anymore in order to offer its services and products there.

With us, the process is simple and efficient. We can provide your website with a system that accepts online orders and operates in real time. Contact us for more information.