3 interesting countries to go offshore


Seychelles is fast becoming the best place to set up an offshore corporation.  It is renowned for its level of bank secrecy and its protection of the identity of the beneficial owners of companies and corporations. The nation works together with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development., and has tax treaties with 46 countries.

The majority of the people living in Seychelles have no access to banking facilities, and most of its businesses have almost no way of borrowing money. However, the country’s banking sector is rapidly expanding, and its economy is greatly improving at a very fast rate.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is becoming one of the fastest growing offshore havens in the world today.

Its location close to rapidly-growing China and the rest of Asia, makes it a very attractive destination for people wishing to move their accounts out of Europe and North America due to the recent privacy restrictions there. Hong Kong allows people to open bank accounts and hold many different currencies in a single account, and even change currency very easily.

  • Savings accounts can even be held in gold.
  • The only income that is taxable is local income. No taxes have to be paid on dividends, inheritances, dividends or capital gains.
  •  Interest rates are significant, and tax laws are advantageous for foreigners.
  •  Revenues from foreign trades that pay to Hong Kong managed accounts are usually exempt.



Switzerland and offshore banking are indelibly linked in people’s minds.

Switzerland is renowned for its strict confidentiality policy, the country enjoys stability and is politically neutral. The financial services business is also safeguarded by a strong agreement against any political changes that might impact the offshore sector.

As a result, Swiss banks offer a trustworthy, safe and reliable offshore banking environment. Because of these advantages, Switzerland’s banking assets are estimated at approximately  80% of the country’s GDP.

Switzerland is a trailblazer in technology, offering protected encryption, electronic money transfers, electronic signatures and internet banking,